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Certified Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher, Sports Nutritionist


Shannon was born and raised in Kenosha, Wisconsin. She competed in track and cross country throughout High School and College. Shannon double majored in chemistry and molecular biology and graduated from UW – La Crosse with the plan to become a dentist. However, Shannon knew she was born to be a teacher; she felt in her heart it was her purpose. A move to Milwaukee led her to enroll in the UW – Milwaukee master program in Curriculum and Instruction. After receiving a post-secondary degree teaching license, Menomonee Falls High School hired her to teach Chemistry. She also was able to coach track and cross country.

She enjoyed teaching, she loved making things that seemed difficult easy and fun to understand.

During this time in her life, she ended up joining a local gym and hiring a personal trainer. After a debilitating back injury, Shannon wanted to learn how to lift properly for herself and her students she was coaching. Her trainer, who became a great friend, convinced Shannon to compete in a figure competition. Using her knowledge in science Shannon created the perfect nutrition formula to transform her body. She then found a love and passion for health and wellness, and turned becoming a personal trainer and nutritionist into a career.

Ten years later, Shannon found herself creating and owning 3 personal training studios in the greater Milwaukee area, coaching athletes, group classes, one on one training, co-creating the MFD Peer Fitness Trainer Program, practicing as a sports nutritionist and competing in figure competitions full time. Shannon is always open to learning new things. After being introduced to kettlebells she fell in love and studied under the first American to earn a black belt from Relson Gracie Jiu Jitsu, Steve Maxwell. Shannon is now certified as a master trainer in kettlebells. In 2015, all her hard work paid off when she received her World Natural Bodybuilding Federation Pro Card – which means she won first place and was officially a professional figure competitor.

Shannon felt it was time for a slower pace in life so she merged her business with an Athletic Training Center. She then turned to corporate wellness, to see a different side of the industry and help a different kind of clientele. It was during this time Shannon found the missing piece to reconnect with her highest self...Yoga. Yoga taught her how to connect - mind, body, and most importantly spirit. She is known for her Restorative Aroma Yoga Series balancing the Chakras, Slow Flow Classes and Hot Vinyasa Flows to strengthen, stabilize and challenge your body and mind.

For over 17 years, Shannon has combined her knowledge of science, functional movement and yogic teachings to help individuals reconnect to self, strengthen and thrive in their own body - their temple. She is passionate about raising the collective consciousness in our community by sharing the gift of slowing down. What brought her to Door County many of you may be thinking - music, nature and this is where Shannon’s soul is happy. She feels alive, enjoying the great Door County lifestyle and sharing her knowledge with the wonderful people in this community. Shortly after Shannon moved to Door County she met her husband and they now have a beautiful little girl born June 2020. A fun fact about Shannon is she has been playing the violin since she was six years old.

Sharing what she has learned and continues to learn is what Shannon is most excited about.

Here are some of her favorite in-home workout videos that are simple and effective!

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